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Bolo Toss -- also known as Ladder Golf -- is an extremely addictive backyard game of skill. It's similar to horseshoes, but different. If you're wondering how to play Bolotoss or Ladder Golf... here are the official rules and directions.

Everything you want to know about playing Cornhole games, plus tips on how to build your own Cornhole boards and Corn hole bags.

Following are some step-by-step instructions, photographs, and diagrams for building your own Cornhole game set... including the game board platforms and bags.

It's never too late to get your Cornhole on! What is Corn hole, you ask? Think of it as a beanbag tossing game for adults... Then, imagine that it's fun.

Just having a little fun with Scrabble tiles... how to score big points with your Scrabble friends.

Looking for Scrabble two-letter words that are acceptable in amateur and competition play? Following are the only acceptable 2-letter words, according to official Scrabble rules (The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary Fourth Edition). Plus, great tips for scoring big in Scrabble!

This picture shows the closest I ever got to playing golf with mom... plus some related golf humor.

Jim kept my mom in stitches the entire time on the golf course this day! Listen to Bud Light's 'Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper'.

Personal highlights from playing games at our friends' house -- Neil and Abby. We mostly play euchre and other board games with them.