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Eucher-ama!… How To Play The Card Game Euchre (Including 2-Handed Euchre)

Neil and Abby playing games at their house. Jim & I played Euchre at our friends Neil & Abby’s house last Sunday.

We try to alternate every other week whose house will serve as “the party house” that weekend.

First, the personal highlights, then some fun Euchre stuff follows…


Personal Highlights From Our Game Night

Neil and Abby just moved into a new house & they’re now in the “constantly adding something new and exciting” phase. So it’s MUCH more fun to go to their place, rather than lounge around at ours. Either way it’s a Zoo, cuz both households feature a slew of animals. (We have 2 dogs, plus numerous bunnies and skunks that manage to venture into our backyard. They have a dog, 2 cats, and plenty ‘o squirrels, screech owls, and chipmunks that keep their dog on full alert in their forested backyard.)

The highlights:

1. Abby’s award-winning chili/nachos with spicy Hot-Peppers!
Turns out Hot Peppers are my new-found friend! …Didn’t think I liked Hot Peppers, since I’ve been picking them off my pizzas for years. Guess I just didn’t like the SIGHT of Hot Peppers, cuz they’re mighty tasty and add just the right amount of “ZING!” to any meal. Since that night, I’ve tried them on spaghetti, pizza, and green bean casserole… and those dishes have never tasted better!

2. The Ice Cream Cake that Jim & I took over there for dessert!
Everyone knows I’m not a cook. I’ve got a handful of recipes that are my favorites, and I tend to make them over and over whenever I’m requested to bring a dish to a party. They’re pretty good sandbys though…

So when I was fretting over which dessert to whip up for our card party, I took the “easy” way out and bought an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. (Something I’d highly recommend!) The best part… I had them print this on top: Girls: 6 -vs- Boys: 1 Ha! Ha!

Because “the girls” (me and Abby) were up 5 games in a running total from all our weeks of playing Euchre against “the boys” (Jim and Neil).
But we ended the night 7 and 4… now how’d that happen?!?!?

I think Neil’s been holding out by acting like he didn’t really remember how to play Euchre for the past 3 weeks. Yet he pretty much single-handedly took the boy’s team to to a new level by winning all 3 games of Euchre this weekend!

Fun Euchre Stuff For All To Enjoy

How To Play Euchre

And finally, these videos give the best instructions for how to play Euchre: