Triple Word Score… Scrabble Tiles Spell FUN

by Lynnette

adult games, Scrabble

They don’t provide nameplates for the employees where I work, so I made my own…


11 points.

Try that on a Triple Word Score!

Ever since our college days, my friend Suzie and I have had this “tradition” of playing Scrabble in cities, states, dorm rooms, and bars (yes, bars) across this country.

Ever since then, I’ve had this knack for doing creative things with Scrabble tiles.

Usually, I just posted creative phrases on refrigerators, bulletin boards, photo frames or in scrapbooks.


Creative Uses For Scrabble Tiles

When I worked at UCF in Florida, despite the fact that someone gave me a very nice gold engraved nameplate for my desk, I still felt the urge to hang my name in Scrabble tiles in my office.

It’s kinda like a Seinfeld episode. Did you know that there was a Superman picture, statue, or reference in almost every episode of Seinfeld?

Similarly, in almost every office I’ve worked in, I placed an 11-point or higher Scrabble word!

In my current office in Tennessee:



More Fun Ideas With Scrabble Tiles