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Here are 6 modifications to the official Monopoly game rules that will lead to more exciting game play the next time you play Monopoly with friends.


We like Cranium: It's 4 games you know - rolled into one! Pictionary, Charades, Name That Tune, and Trivial Pursuit. Fun, fun, fun!

Wish you were better at playing pool? Here are 3 simple pool drills to improve your straight shots, your angled shots, and how to add spin to the cue ball!

There are so many fun things you can do with Scrabble game pieces! See where to get extra Scrabble tiles, letter racks & game boards for DIY Scrabble tile crafts

I play Scrabble alot. I have several shortcuts for finding Scrabble words fast. See how I find the highest-scoring words using tools and Scrabble word lists.

there's a fun new board game that is along the lines of the Inukshuk. It's called Rukshuk. The idea is to balance uniquely shaped rocks of various colors, shapes and sizes into a stack.

Do you have some board games whose boxes have seen better days? Game Savers are a great way to replace those old game boxes. There are 3 different sizes for different types of games.

One of the many 'perpetual motion' talents -- which very few people have -- is called dice stacking. It's the art of scooping up dice in a dice cup and setting the cup down to build a vertical column of dice. Sounds simple... but it's not. See it in action in these videos -- along with several fun variations!

Check out the all-new Monopoly game! See the new properties, the new game tokens, and learn a lot about Monopoly games in general. Fun, fun, fun!