How To Build Your Own Cornhole Game Platforms

Following are some step-by-step instructions, photographs, and diagrams for building your own Cornhole game set…

Tennessee Titans Cornhole game platform.

How To Make Cornhole Boards

Here’s everything you need to build the Cornhole boards themselves:

How To Make Your Own Cornhole Bags

As for the Cornhole bags (corn-filled beanbag pouches) used to play Cornhole, you can sew your own bags.

Here are instructions for making the bean bags from Michael Brungs:

You need 16 7″x7″ cloth squares for cornbags (enough for 8 cornbags). Depending on how many bags you want each player to throw (either 2 or 4), select the fabric colors accordingly. To assemble the bags, take 2 of the 7″ x 7″ fabric squares and sew a quarter inch seam on 3 sides. Fill each bag with 2.25 cups of corn. Sew the last open side of the bag. Double stitch each bag on all 4 sides. The bags do take a beating.

Here are some excellent detailed instructions for making cornhole bags. Plus tips for sewing the cornhole bags yourself.


When you buy a professional Cornhole set, the corn toss bags are usually made of duck cloth. It’s a popular fabric, commonly found at craft & hobby stores like JoAnn Fabric. It’s the same type of cloth used to make coin shipping bags.

4 Things You Need To Know Before Making Cornhole Bags

Neil and Abby's Chicago Cubs cornhole game.


Fun Tip: You can make your cornhole boards (and bags!) glow in the dark by using glow in the dark paint (like Krylon glow in the dark paint or Rustoleum glow in the dark paint) on the platform boards themselves and glow in the dark fabric paint on the bags.

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  • Betterbutt92

    official holes for the game boards are 6″ diameter not 9″……

    • Paul seitz

      who said 9″? I believe he said mark the center of the hole nine inches from the top.