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How To Play Quidditch: The Harry Potter Game For Children

Yes, the Harry Potter craze has made its way into schools, playards and backyards across the country …in more ways than one!

But did you know the unique children’s game portrayed in the movie is now all the rage among kids?

Everyone wants to play Quidditch!

Quidditch, the children’s game, is a cross between soccer and tag, and it was invented by J.K. Rowling when she incorporated it into her many Harry Potter books.

It became popular on playgrounds and such after Jodi Palmer, a mother and grade-school gym teacher in Ohio, put together a set of rules for her own kids to play Quidditch.

Fortunately, she was also kind enough to share the rules for Quidditch with others… and as a result, thousands of children are able to enjoy this one-of-a-kind outdoor game!

Realizing she was on to something, Palmer posted her version on a national website for physical education teachers. Now, a growing legion of gym teachers across the country are incorporating Quidditch into their curricula.


A picture from an article that appeared in Better Homes & Garden magazine:

Quidditch, the children's outdoor game from the Harry Potter<br /> movies.

How To Play Quidditch

To play the game, children simply run away from an opponent, or chase one. They also must be able to throw a ball, and catch one.

To put together the playing field, you’ll need:

  • 8-10 players, per team (“chasers”, “taggers”, “seekers” and “keepers”)
  • 1 foam soccer ball (quaffle)
  • 4-8 solid color foam balls, each about 8 inches in diameter (bludgers)
  • 1 small super-bouncy ball (snitch)
  • 6 hula hoops (goals), which need to hang about 6 feet off the ground from a soccer net crossbar, tree branch, or something similar

Here’s a description of all the player positions, including the Chaser, the Tagger, the Seeker, and the Keeper.

Here are the rules for playing Quidditch.

Here is Jodi Palmer’s original posting for P.E. teachers who wish to teach their children how to play Quidditch, including some interesting variations to the game (…like using brooms!)


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