Best Online Games To Play On Your Computer For Free… At Work Or At Home!

My husband Jim was on a mission a few years ago, attempting to find all of the best online games that were worth playing. Only FREE online games, of course. And none of those that you have to register or sign-up first to play. Just good old-fashioned, simple computer games. His goal was to find […]

Board Games


New Monopoly Rules: 6 House Rules To Make The Game Even More Exciting

Board games like Monopoly have been a popular pastime for adults and children alike for decades. Properties have been bought & sold, houses built, and rent collected across the 40 space board for over 75 years. Thanks to some special stipulations — aka new Monopoly game rules — your next Monopoly match will be as fresh as […]

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Backyard Games


Backyard Game Ideas: Messy Kids Food Games

Messy food games for kids are fun — but only if they take place in an area that cannot be damaged by smeared food, such as the backyard. The following amusing competitions are an out-of-the-ordinary way to liven up your next party and a creative way to use up leftover food. For the best results, […]


How To Plan A Scavenger Hunt: A Fun Adult Game To Play Outdoors (Or Indoors)

Two of my favorite outdoor games that are generally considered adult party games, group activities, and sometimes even team-building exercises are: Scavenger Hunts - completing tasks or collecting items on a list Geocaching - looking for hidden treasures near where you live They’re travel games… with a twist! Both games dictate precisely where you’re going (in a […]

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Card Games & Dice

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Online Games


Little-Known Facts About TV Game Shows + Winning Tips From Game Show Contestants

My dad was on a game show (Hoosier Millionaire). My brother was in a game show audience (The Price Is Right).   Personally, I’ve always had a unique curiosity about TV game shows and how they’re run. Certain things like the Slumdog Millionaire movie, Ken Jennings’ win streak on Jeopardy, and Pat Sajak hosting Wheel of Fortune drunk tend to […]


Strategies & Tips For Playing Hidden Object Games

A hidden object game (or hidden picture game) is a casual game that tests your ability to find items within a setting in order to progress the story line. All hidden object games require you to find lists of objects within a busy scene. The story lines for hidden object games are frequently written in novelette format. If you haven’t […]

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