New Monopoly Rules: 6 House Rules To Make The Game Even More Exciting

Starting with Go on the Monopoly board game, here are 6 modifications to the official Monopoly game rules that will lead to more exciting game play around the 40 spaces of the Monopoly board. I encourage you to adopt these new Monopoly rules on your next game night with friends.

Monopoly: Right Here, Right Now

Check out the all-new Monopoly game! See the new properties, the new game tokens, and learn a lot about Monopoly games in general. Fun, fun, fun!

They’re Changing The Monopoly Board!… You Can Pick Which Cities & Landmarks Are Included

You can change history… impact the future… and have fun while you’re at it! How? Cast your vote for which U.S. cities — and which landmarks within those cities — should appear on the all-new Monopoly board game due out this summer. America’s vote will determine the cities & landmarks — and their position on the board — for Monopoly’s ‘Here & Now Edition’. Vote online here…