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Rock Paper Scisssors Game… Taken To A Whole New Level!

Illustration of a new Rock Paper Scissors game by David C. Lovelace.Decisions… decisions…

Remember the classic game Rock Paper Scissors?

Consider this: What if Rock Paper Scissors was expanded and 12 new hand gestures were added to the initial 3?

How would each one defeat the other 14?

Here’s a guy who’s describes how to play Rock Paper Scissors with 15 hand gestures, along with a very cool explanation of the heirarchy and elimination power of each.


It’s called RPS-15 (for “Rock Paper Scissors with 15 different gestures”). Check it out!

And, to top that… David C. Lovelace recently added another 10 hand gestures to the game, along with their explanations, calling it RPS-25.

He says there is only a 4% chance of a tie, making this the ultimate decision-making game!

Where will it end?…


Dave himself writes:

I have officially lost all grip with reality, and wonder if in ten years I’ll be plotting out RPS-99.


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