Play Thousands Of FREE Online Board Games

by Lynnette

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Here are some “boredom busters”…

Following is a growing list of online games that you can play by yourself on your computer when you’re really bored — or just have some time to kill.

There’s nothing to download (might need to have shockwave installed, but most people already have this), and you’re not competing with anyone but yourself.

Trust me, I’m not much of an online gamer… For real.

But these are the classics!

Long-time favorites that everyone will enjoy…

Our Favorites: Classic Online Games

Scrabble (…a single-player Scrabble game to help you better your scores)

Lite Brite (…tell me this isn’t just the coolest?!)

Trivial Pursuit (…for the brainiacs!)

Boggle (…for the word game connoisseurs)

Pac Man (…just like I remember it!)

Chess (…the “artificial intelligence” version!)

Tetris (…just like the classic game)

Battleship (…pretty low-tech version – for when you’re really bored!)

Battleship (…the high-tech version)And, for the little ones… Check out these Candy Land fun park kids game.For all you puzzle-doers out there (including me, on occasion), I dare you to try one of these online jigsaw puzzles …especially the first one with the flowers in a vase & glass jars!Speaking of puzzles… This one is pretty wild!

More Fun Online Games