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Scrabble Shortcuts To Make The Best High-Scoring Scrabble Words Quickly

Word games have always been my favorite.

Growing up, as each new fancy-schmancy Scrabble board hit the store shelves, I was usually one of the first to own it.

Not to mention all the travel versions of Scrabble that have come and gone through the years.

I’ve had ’em all!

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favorite shortcuts for finding Scrabble words… fast.

Following are the tools I use and the Scrabble word lists that I refer to most often…

The Best Scrabble Word Lists

Q Without U Scrabble Words

J Scrabble Words

X Scrabble Words

2- And 3-Letter Q, X, and Z Scrabble Words

2- And 3-Letter Scrabble Words

2-Letter Scrabble Words

3-Letter Scrabble Words (color-coded)

Scrabble Words Made Up Of Mostly Vowels

Scrabble Words With All Vowels (aka ‘vowel dumps‘)

Scrabble Words With All Consonants

Scrabble Words With 2 A’s In Them

Scrabble Words With IN In Them

Highest-Scoring Scrabble Words (2-letters and up)

Did You Know?…
At Scrabble clubs and tournaments, experts average between 330-450 points per game!

Check out the official Scrabble FAQ with tips for playing the game from Hasbro.


A tile breakdown of all the letters included in a Scrabble game:

A-9 B-2 C-2 D-4 E-12 F-2 G-3 H-2 I-9 J-1 K-1 L-4 M-2 N-6 O-8 P-2 Q-1 R-6 S-4 T-6 U-4 V-2 W-2 X-1 Y-2 Z-1 Blank-2



Think Outside The Box!

When it comes to winning at a game of Scrabble, it often comes down to who was able to place their letter tiles in the most strategic ways.

To help you ‘think outside the box’ when coming up with Scrabble words, here are some of the best tips I’ve found:

See why it’s a good thing to have the letters to spell RETAIN, plus other Scrabble ‘bingo’ words.


The Best Scrabble Word Tools

Most recently, I’ve been on the hunt for some tools that help you form words, based on the exact letters you have. Yes, true Scrabble aficionados consider this ‘cheating’. And it is. But, if all players involved agree that word tools are acceptable, then all is good.

‘Scrabble cheats’ are an open secret in the online Scrabble playing community. It’s pretty much assumed you are using some kind of word finding template when you are playing Scrabble on the Internet. The problem is, this might not help you improve your game very much, so if you play Scrabble competitively at a club or in live tournaments, you’re not going to be particularly skillful when it comes time for a live competition. Source

There are actually several word apps that do a good job of helping you find Scrabble words to match the letters on your rack.

These are my favorite Scrabble word builders: