‘Cornhole: The Movie’ Takes A Popular Backyard Game To The Big Screen

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Hoping to take Cornhole from the Midwest (Cincinnati to be exact, where it first became popular) all across the country, they’ve created a movie centered around the game of Cornhole.

Have you seen it yet?

Me neither.

In fact, I don’t think it’s been released yet. But I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s the inside scoop about Cornhole: The Movie


About The Cornhole Movie

It’s a movie about 4 teams trying to make it to the National Cornhole Championship.

And for the past year, there’s actually been quite a bit of talk about this movie hitting the big screen.

The movie’s creator and director, Tim Clarke, admitted that it was hard for him to find Hollywood actors for this movie.

So instead, he held a number of open casting calls at bars in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. His wife, Elaine, plays the lead role of Gina.

All told, 90% of the movie’s cast and crew hail from the Cincinnati area.

The National Cornhole Champion, Matt Guy, from Alexandria Kentucky serves as technical director for the movie.

Hold onto your beanbags, everyone!  Not only is Cornhole coming to a big screen near you… but it will  also be appearing soon on Nintendo wii soon.

See, Cornhole is really catching on now. It’s no longer “that unusual beanbag game” that you’ve heard about. Now, everyone’s doing it! Finally, Cornhole has gone from backyards and basements to mainstream America.


View the trailer for Cornhole: The Movie:


What we try to do is take a look at when a hobby is turned into a little bit more of an obsession. That’s where the comedy part comes in. — Tim Clarke, director




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