Everything You Want To Know About Playing Cornhole: The Best Backyard Game Ever!

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Abby attempting to play Cornhole while being distracted by Wes. Who knew when I wrote about playing with my friend’s Cornhole (game!) a month ago, that article would quickly become one of our most popular?

So, I decided to find out everything I could about this FUN game…

And, after playing it myself for the first time just weeks ago, I have to admit… while I had terrible aim, no power, and barely scored any points, it was a heck of a way to pass the time!


Look Who’s Playing Cornhole…

This backyard game of yesteryear is making a HUGE comeback these days. In fact, Cornhole is becoming the trendy new bean bag game in the U.S.!

Practically every week, I hear of another person touting the praises of Cornhole, like Dierks Bently (of Country Music fame — “What Was I Thinkin?” and “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do”), who says it’s his band’s favorite thing to do between gigs!

In Illinois (and plenty of other places I’m sure), they even have what they call Bag Bars where they play this bean bag toss game religiously… over beer! Now, that’s my kind of bar game!


Play Cornhole Like A Pro

Neil's sky-high toss, won him the game this round of Cornhole!

If you really want to get good at Cornhole, try this on for size!… It’s an illustration which depicts the science of the toss and ways to improve your Cornhole score.

Here are the complete rules, scoring details, glossary of terms, and even how to stand and tips for “folding the bag”!

And here’s the lingo, plus photo instructions on how to hold the bag, and how to toss the beanbag when playing Cornhole.


Where To Get A Cornhole Game Set

If you’d like to build your own Cornhole game, here are the dimensions and step-by-step directions for building your own Cornhole boards and bags.

Neil and Abby's Chicago Cubs cornhole game.


If you’re interested in buying a Cornhole set, consider these:



Cool Cornhole Accessories

What about a caddy to hold your snacks, drinks, and even a scorecard?… Check out the Score Tower Cornhole Scoreboard Caddy!

This elaborate corn hole score tower might just be the best way to keep score.

You’ll find everything under the sun related to Cornhole on eBay!

For all our favorite Cornhole things, check out Fun Times Cornhole & Bean Bag Games


Cornhole Clothing & Gear

The Great American Beer Club


What Others Are Saying About Cornhole

Jim pitching his corn toss bag at the Cornhole platform... I think. Aside from all the comments to my first post, there are are lot of other people talking up this one-of-a-kind backyard pastime:

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