Slip & Slide Reviews: A Fun Summer Outdoor Activity For Kids

Summertime is officially here and if you (like me) have a bunch of kids looking for a fun outdoor activity that will keep them cool and busy for hours — I highly recommend a Slip n Slide!

After many years of owning a pool and living close to the beach I am in an unfortunate situation of having neither this summer.

My kids enjoy spending time outside, but they don’t last long in the heat. A simple solution for our family was the purchase of a Slip & Slide.

We have owned several Slip and Slides in the past, but they were never our ‘main’ source of water enjoyment — until now.

A Slip n Slide is the perfect solution for us, because it provides hours of outdoor water fun right in our own backyard (or front yard).

Here’s my review of the Slip n Slides we have owned…


Wham-O Triple Racer Slip & Slide Review

One of the best Slip & Slides we ever owned was the Wham-O Triple Racer.

I originally bought it for my son’s birthday party (at the beginning of the summer), but I was pleasantly surprised when it lasted well into the fall.

The Triple Racer was perfect for our kids because it had 3 lanes and there are 3 of them. There was no fighting about who got to ride the Slip n Slide first, and it was a fun race to the finish line!

Each lane is very wide and the slide is 18 feet long. This provids a spacious & lengthy ride for all. The checkered ‘bumper’ at the end is filled with air. It’s also the location for the hose attachment which feeds 2 tubes (one on each side of the Slip n Slide) allowing the entire slide to have a continual stream of water.

The Wham-O Triple Racer provided hours of fight-free sliding fun. And when the kids needed a rest, they pretended the bumper area was a pool!

You do have to take care of this Slip n Slide. Do not allow kids to walk on the inflated bumper or it will burst.



Bonzai Single Lane Slip & Slide Review

A few summers ago, we had a Bonzai single lane Slip n Slide.

We set the Slip & Slide up on a small slope — allowing for an even more exciting ride!

The Bonzai Slip n Slide is 16 feet long and has an inflatable bumper at the end. The water will pool up there.

This is an inexpensive Slip n Slide. So not only is it very affordable, it’s also easy to clean and store away for future use.

My kids had fun on this Slip and Slide. It was not their favorite, but it kept them busy. (The slope helped.)



Wham-O Hydroplane Double Slip & Slide Review

This summer, we chose a Wham-O Hydroplane Double Slip n Slide (with 2 bonus slide boogies).

This is perfect for us. Since we now have only 2 kids who enjoy this activity, having 2 lanes on the slide is perfect.

The Slip n Slide is 16 feet long and the bumper is filled with water.

The only downside to this water slide is that there’s only one tube for the water to come out of (to wet the slip n slide). So even when we have the water on full blast, it barely reaches the opposite lane. That doesn’t stop the kids from using it and having loads of fun though.

One thing that I do like is that it came with two ‘boogie’ boards – which I call tummy protectors.

You have to blow them up, but they really do protect those ribs and bellies from many bumps and bruises. Plus, they can be used as knee boards.



Slip n Slides are affordable outdoor water fun — keeping kids and moms happy for hours!

  • Remember, you always want to read the Slip & Slide manual and follow all set up & safety tips.
  • They also come with at least one patch in case of a rip or tear.
  • To maintain nice looking grass, I highly recommend folding up the Slip n Slide after each use and keeping it close by for the next time.
  • Keeping the original box is a great idea in case your Slip n Slide makes it through the summer and you want to clean it & store it. (Mine generally only make it through one summer.)


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